Soft Meat Coconut Salad

coco_lrEven though I live on a farm with over 80 varieties of tropical fruit, coconut is one of my favorites because it is the most versatile.

There are just so many ways to enjoy coconut and so many stages of a coconut to enjoy. There are six different ways to enjoy coconuts, the stages are: water only, water-spoon meat, sweet water-soft meat, sweet water-rubber meat, milk-hard meat, and no milk-sprouted. Let me know if I left any out!

A real expert can tell just by looking at a coconut what stage it’s at.

One of my favorite recipes for coconut is a spicy coconut salad. For this recipe you will need soft meat.

  • 2-4 soft meat coconuts
  • 1 tbs. of lime juice
  • turmeric root, pounded or shredded
  • dash of curry powder
  • dash of cayenne pepper
  • splash of soy sauce

Scoop the meat out of the coconut with a spoon. When done go through and remove all the brown skin pieces with a small paring knife. Pound a root of turmeric with a mortar and pestle or grate. Squeeze lime over the coconut. Add curry powder, cayenne and soy sauce and mix. You can substitute garam masala for curry. Serve.



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