Aloha, my name is Terri and I live on a nine acre homestead on the Big Island of Hawaii. My husband, and I have been living an off-the-grid lifestyle for over 11 years. We had to reinvent ourselves, coming from the mainland (Boca Raton, FL) and a pretty normal suburban life. I always wanted a farming lifestyle but it never seemed possible.


katmangoesOne fine day, I came up with five good reasons to move to Hawaii and presented them to my husband. To my surprise, he agreed and within 3 months we had quit our jobs, sold our house, and moved to a tropical fruit farm in Hawaii. From the moment we decided, we never looked back.

We went through a huge learning curve to try and figure out this new, off-grid lifestyle. We literally live somewhere between a modern life and one that is long gone.

A lot of the things we learned, came from doing them. So, we’ve made plenty of mistakes as well as had successes.



2015-02-18 10.29.41-1I’ve been writing this blog for about three years and I try and write at least one story a month. Most of my stories are about how to do things; like make milk products, make food from-the-land, care for animals, growing food, and keeping bees and various farm animals.

I hope you find these stories helpful and that they inspire you to try new things.

Many mahalos for reading, sharing, subscribing and your comments.

Much Aloha.




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