Going Postal in Puna

I was the mailbox manager for our small, agricultural community in Puna, Hawaii. I took the volunteer position because no one else wanted it and it would be easy with only 63 mailboxes, mostly rented. What I thought would be fun and a great way to meet new neighbors quickly turned me into a gate-locking […]

The Perfectionist Foodie on a Permaculture Farm

My husband and I have shared a kitchen with work traders for 13 years. Inevitably, I’ve seen it all. Sometimes, after just meeting them, I can predict the future behavior of a new work trader.  As life has a way of telling you, you haven’t seen it all, and you don’t know it all, who […]

Noble, the Guardian Dog of Kumu Aina, Becomes Paralized

I went running from my house when I heard Noble, my 9-year-old border collie, howling out in pain. It wasn’t the first time he was in trouble and cried out.  Twice he has caught his rear leg on the fence trying to jump over it, virtually hanging himself upside down, yelping in pain. After cutting […]

Growing Loofah Sponges for Food and Fun

Loofah (luffa), the same ones used as bath scrubbing sponges, can grow in Hawaii and be eaten as a vegetable. It is a tropical, subtropical vine related to the cucumber. It is an attractive vine that needs to be trellised or grown on a fence.  It grows 3-4″ yellow male and female flowers. The male […]

Making Sunflower Sprouts

I’ve always enjoyed eating fresh, organic sunflower seed sprouts but store bought ones can be less than fresh and often expensive. It’s so easy to grow your own in as little as seven days! Right after I harvest, I plant more to keep them going so I always have fresh sunflower sprouts ready. Follow my short, 8 easy steps […]