Eating Green Bananas (non-plantain style)

Ever thought of eating a green banana? The starches in green banana are too bitter eaten raw but once they are cooked green bananas are delicious. You may find green, cooking bananas in your local grocery or health food store. If you are not seeing them, one of the complaints I have heard from produce managers […]

Raw Coconut Cream with Lilikoi & Chocolate Glaze Pie

Coconut cream is a delicious, creamy product very similar to regular cow’s cream in texture when unrefrigerated. Once it’s been chilled it has a hard, custard-like consistency that simple melts in your mouth. Coconut cream is coconut oil, milk and fine coconut meat.  It is used in teas, coffee, soup and for making desserts. This is an amazingly delicious, […]

Making Coconut Milk with Fresh Coconuts

There are some amazing ways to make coconut milk. Some pretty fancy, expensive machines too. But if you just want to try it, with little to no pricey tools, then this story is for you. The first thing you are going to need is some mature, brown coconuts. Why brown? Because they will have the highest concentration […]

Black Sapote Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Bars

Making deserts with black sapotes are so fun and versatile. I love using them in place of chocolate pudding in any recipe. Sweetened with a little honey and some cocoa powder, it’s instant vegan, chocolate pudding. It sure does make it easier than making regular chocolate pudding! Black sapotes are really in the persimmon family. […]

Mamey Sapote Pie

With Thanksgiving on the way, a good alternative to pumpkin pie is mamey sapote pie. So much easier to make than pumpkin, because there is no cleaning and precooking the squash involved. The mamey is a fresh fruit ready to add directly to the pie with little or no processing. It’s like processed canned pumpkin […]