Making Sunflower Sprouts

I’ve always enjoyed eating fresh, organic sunflower seed sprouts but store bought ones can be less than fresh and often expensive. It’s so easy to grow your own in as little as seven days! Right after I harvest, I plant more to keep them going so I always have fresh sunflower sprouts ready. Follow my short, 8 easy steps […]

Make Your Own Hot Pepper Water

Even if you’re not a huge fan of hot peppers, this recipe will make you reevaluate their worth. I’ve always had pepper bushes growing on my land and sometimes I would use half of the tiny, hot pepper in a soup or stew. I never knew what to do with so many, tiny bird peppers called Hawaiian […]

Leftovers: Principles and Practices

  Recently, I was foraging in my refrigerator for something to eat and remembered that I had some left over pasta with an alla vodka sauce made with fresh, farm cream and wild boar sausage. As I evaluated the food storage containers, I discovered that my pasta was no longer among them. I scanned the dish rack and sure […]

Growing Collard Greens in Hawaii

In Hawaii, collard greens are a perennial vegetable that doesn’t go to seed. In temperate regions, they are cold-hardy, annuals.  In such climates, they can often go to seed before some gardeners want them too. Sadly, our tropical climate does not have the right conditions for seed production for this Brassica. In order to keep them […]

Keeping Combs Straight in a Top bar Hive

Crisscrossed combs in a top bar hive can lead to a lot of frustration for the beekeeper. These misshapen combs often take up more than one bar and make it difficult if not impossible to navigate through a hive quickly. If you’re looking for eggs, the queen, or simply trying to harvest honey; keeping combs […]