Beehive Removal II (cont.)

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will start our wild beehive removals. I’m terribly excited and have been preparing for 1-1/2 weeks. My prep work has been gathering items I think I’ll need during the four-hive extraction.

The two items that did not come in the mail, are the two items I needed the most–two new bee veils. This is the part that protects your head and prevents the angry bees from stinging you on your face. Bees can wiggle their way through cracks in the beekeepers armor to defend their hive. I do not own proper veils because I don’t typically use them. However, extracting a wild hive may require more protection than I’m used to wearing.

I do have two beekeeper suits with attached veils.  I’m offering them to the cameraman, who is my best friend, Mari, and the other one to one of my helpers. Mari is going to video me getting stung in the face when a bee enters my makeshift veil.

I have a list of things to bring and I will be gathering and checking things off in the morning. The hives are less than 3 miles from the farm but far enough that if I’ve forgot anything it won’t be easy to fetch. I hope I don’t miss something crucial. If so, hopefully, Jen will have brought it.

Jen is my fellow beekeeper who is helping on this endeavor. She is the owner/operator of Paradise Nectar Apiaries. She manages over 80 bee hives compared to my seven. We actually did a removal together years ago. That was my first and last one, but for Jen it was just the beginning. She is very experienced in wild bee removals so I’m really happy to have her there.

We hope to capture these wild hives and bring them back to our apiaries. I’m more than excited to get these black feral bees. I will be happy with one hive but I’m hoping to get two. I’m also hoping Jen gets two as well.

What really makes these special is they may be the original bees from the beekeeper who has passed away over 10 years ago. If they are they are extremely resistant to hive pest such as, the small hive beetle and varroa mite and they will be a welcome resource to developing pest resistant bees.

Well, wish us well! On my next segment, Bee Hive Removal III, I will be telling you about the recovery! bzzzzzz






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