Wild Bee Removal in Hawaii

On the blog, I have decided to chronicle our progress from beginning to end in the removal of four wild bee hives at an old Hawaiian hale.

These bees need to be removed because the daughter of the previous owner is planning for the hale to be demolished. Her and her husband plan to build a new home at the site.

For most people, a bee buzzing around their space, sends them into fits of swatting and cursing. But to a beekeeper or one who has gotten the bee fever, it’s exciting and a wonderment.

Maybe these four wild hives are the progenitor of the former hives once kept by the now long deceased beekeeper. I like to think they are. In that case, they would be 10 years on their own surviving; even through verroa mites, hive beetles, and nosema. Pest that arrived to the Big Island around four years ago and wiped out most hives.

In my eyes, these bees may very well be the saviors. Surviving, not only the pests, but the hindrance of man; through captivity on our terms, our poisons, pollution and GMOs.

I’ve read that bees remember their caretakers. Maybe that’s why when I go into my hives, they tolerate my presence. We often work together especially when I squish hive beetles with my fingers as they’re chasing them around.

When I open a hive, they usually are first alarmed and then as I work, they go back to doing basically what they were doing before I interrupted. As if to say, “Oh, it’s just you.”

These wild bees don’t know me, so this will be more of a challenge when we go there and start to disassemble the walls that hold their previously undisturbed hive.

I will continue this story in the next installment: Beehive Removal II

Hive one

First hive we came to (hive one) is located in the wall of the hale. Seems to be well established.

hive two

This hive (or hive two) is located where the kitchen sink used to be. This is entrance is the plumbing under the sink, just outside the hale wall.



hive three

This hive entrance (hive three) is above a molded shower stall. It may well be part of hive four or a separate hive.

hive four

This hive entrance (hive four) is at the bathroom sink plumbing outside wall. Not sure if this is part of hive three or a independent hive.


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