About Kumu Aina

Bright_image2_lrWe are a working, organic tropical fruit farm in Hawaii on the Big Island. Kumu Aina means teacher of the land.  For 10 years it has been teaching us as well as the many people who come here to help us with the farm and to learn about tropical fruit, permaculture, and sustainability.

We have over 600 fruit trees and 80 varieties of tropical fruit.  In addition, we have milking cows, sheep, goats, chickens, quails, honeybees, and dogs.

We work towards a livestyle of living off the land, using little outside resources, and reducing our ecological footprint. Bob and I (Terri) own the farm, and this is our home. We live in an area of like-minded people on farms living as we do.

We are off the grid, which means most everything we use comes from the land, such as food, solar heated showers, catchment water, solar power (DC-AC inverter), composting toilets, and fire cook stoves.

We hope to inspire others to choose a similar path as ours living close to the land eating natural foods without chemicals or genetic modification. We teach young people how to unplug and discover natural living and learn by doing.



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