Make Fresh Herbal Tea From Your Garden


Sun tea

It’s important to stay hydrated everyday. It’s easy to fall into a beverage routine and not change it even if it’s hot out, or you are working hard and perspiring.

With the increasing awareness that store bought beverages can affect our weight, contain GMOs, cause cancer, diabetes, and a myriad of other diseases, along with pollute the environment; it’s time to look into our own backyards for a simple solution.

I’ve been making herbal teas from my garden for many years and people are always surprised at how good they taste.


Here is a simple list of things you can grow in your yard or garden to help you make your own herbal tea.

  • lemongrass
  • mint
  • rosella red hibiscus
  • thyme
  • basil
  • rosemary
  • roses
  • citrus

potteaYou probably know many more plants that grow in your area that are good for making tea. It’s good to use local plants that grow naturally in your environment with little or no intervention from you. Just make sure the plants are not toxic or have been sprayed with pesticides. A little google work on your computer is a good reference tool.

Gather leaves and flowers from your garden. When I gather flowers, I make sure they have fresh pollen and are healthy and vibrant. I don’t rise off my flowers in water because I want to retain their essence for my tea. Just make sure that there is no bee in there first!

Pick leaves that are healthy without chew holes or other signs of insect damage. Once in your kitchen, thoroughly inspect everything for insects. Then lightly and gently wash your leaves in running water.


Straining tea into a jar

I make herbal tea in two ways. A good way, if you have lots of sun, is to take all your herbs and put them in a 1/2 gallon glass jar with a securely fitting lid. Fill it with water and put it in the sun all day.  Then let it sit over night unrefrigerated and the next day the tea is cool and the herbs have leached out into the water properly. Strain out the herbs and add honey if you like.

If making tea on your stove top, heat about six-eight cups of water in a pot to about 175 degrees (or just under a rapid boil). Add the herbs and put on a tight fitting lid. Let sit for several hours until it cools. Strain out the herbs into a jar and add honey.


If the tea is too strong, add some water. If too light, squeeze a lemon or orange in and remember to add more herbs next time. Experimenting with different flavors is fun and you will be surprised at how many things that are probably in your garden right now that you can make a healthy and delicious tea with.




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